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Venice Venice Venice, where shall I start… It is the most romantic place in the world! The place is full of history and elegance. As I promised you, I would post more about Venice, so here is a list of a couple of things you should do…Which I have personally experienced and recommend!

Where to go:

  1. Gondola: as means of communication it is the most romantic thing ever. (they charge around 100 euro)
  2. Rialto Bridge: is a famous bridge across the canal with a spectacular view.
  3. Piazza San Marco: its a big square surrounded with cafes and restaurants, they also have alleys which lead to shopping areas and small souvenir shops.
  4. Murano Island: its where the murano factories are located, I wasn’t excited to see them but when I actually was there I had so much fun. I would have regretted not going there. (arrange with the hotel to take you there)
  5. Saint Mark’s Basilica: if you looking for some history this church is located in San Marco square. ilBuranca

Venice is place where you can relax, eat good food and enjoy the walk.

Didn’t you fall in love with Venice just by looking at those pix?!

P.S the pic with the window, I was told it was for Casanova………


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