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SteriPen: The water purifier

Ok so this travel gadget wouldn’t be useful for me personally, but I’m pretty sure that a lot of travelers like to go to exotic, adventurous locations around the world that might not necessarily be as hygienic as most tourist locations. In that case then this water purifier SteriPen is the perfect gadget to maintain water quality.

The SteriPen has no dissolving tablets or plug-ins, you just stick it in a glass or bottle, turn it on and in roughly 48 seconds 16oz. of water is rendered safe and potable. It’s particularly good at killing Cryptosporidium, a common cause of diarrhea.

Price: $129.95

Intrested? Visit this Link.


Have you traveled to uncommon & unusual places?

I was wondering and looking for new unusal places that we haven’t heard of. So please tell us where have you been? It could be un heard of, unusual, exotic, it could be any unusual place you went to and would like to share with other readers. Who knows we might have a special post about the place!

Starbucks in your Hotel rooms!

Starbucks announced that it is entering into an agreement with Courtesy Products, the nation’s leading provider of in-room coffee service to hotels, to provide Starbucks ground coffees for use in Courtesy’s patented CV1® in-room and on-demand brewed coffee system in up to 500,000 luxury and premium hotel rooms across the U.S.

 Starbucks plans to begin offering its premium quality coffees for the CV1® this fall. In a recent study, 95% of Courtesy’s hotel customers surveyed said they prefer and would recommend the CV1® single cup system over traditional in-room solutions. With the addition of the Starbucks brands, the CV1® will also deliver Starbucks quality and flavor and the Starbucks Experience in a single-serve format to guests in the luxury and premium segment of the hospitality industry.

 Good news for Starbucks lovers, no?

Usher OMG world tour to Dubai

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When? Live in Dubai march 10, 2011

Where? Dubai Media Center Amphitheater

Ticket Prices:

Regular: AED 295

Front Pit: AED 495

OMG VIP Lounge: AED 995 (limited capacity)

OMG VIP Lounge is an elevated furnished area with dedicated bars (beverage not included)

For tickets visit this Link

Emirates Airline offers for Dubai Stopovers!

Emirates flies to over 100 destinations across the world via Dubai. Emirates customers travelling through Dubai, as well as turnaround passengers from the GCC states can enjoy an exciting break in Dubai before their holiday even begins.

Dubai stopover packages start from as little as USD 39 per person, per night for a two-night stay based on two people sharing a room.

Book your flight with a stopover in Dubai

Dubai stopover packages include:

  • Meet & Assist on arrival at Dubai International Airport.
  • Welcome Pack, which includes useful information on Dubai.
  • Accommodation with a choice of 47 hotels from apartments to luxury hotels.
  • American or continental buffet-style breakfast.
  • All local taxes and service charges.
  • Vice Versa® card, a premium shopping card offering cash rewards at over
    275 partner outlets.
  • Return transfers between Dubai International Airport and the hotel.

Book online now through, or contact your local Emirates office or travel agent.

Tips for Entertaining your children on Airplanes

I witnessed a funny yet unlucky situation once on an airplane. A sweet beautiful 30ish young lady was with her 3 kids that happen to be seated next to me. I noticed her face turning blue while desperately looking for something in the kids backpack. Looking at her face I honestly thought she lost her mobile or even dropped the passports somewhere!!

Apparently she forgot her kid’s airplane toys. After the plane took off and her kids got bored (very quickly I must say), they started fighting, crying, spilling stuff. They are really a handful …..It was HORRIBLE!!

So I thought if something the same happens to you moms out there, here’s a few creative ways that I found online that can help you entertain your children on the airplane.

  1. Fold a stack of airline-tissue napkins together and use a pen to create an all-new story book authored by your child (you can be editor-in-chief, naturally). You might tell the adventure of your child’s traveling stuffed animal, where you’d be going if the airplane could travel to outer space.
  2. Look through the passenger safety brochure to assign names to the various characters within. Let your child help tell their story of the mommies and daddies discovering the big, big boat slide.
  3. Create tissue napkin origami. Paper hats are easiest to learn and remember how to make and may be just the right size for some of your child’s travel-size stuffed animals to wear. Decorate the hats with a pen.
  4. Have a cleaning party at your seats with your travel-size antibacterial hand wipes. Many small children love to be “a party” to scrubbing and wiping, and the physical activity, even as your child stays at her own seat, will be very helpful for your prolonged day of travel. Better still, you’ll have the added benefit of freshly sanitized airplane trays, arm rests, and seatbelt latches.
  5. Turn your air sickness bags (a.k.a. vomit sacks) into hand puppets. Don’t be afraid to use your travel-size cosmetics to really bring them to life. Shredded napkins make great hair, and twisted napkins become the horns of a cow.

With the right attitude and raw materials, you may never view flying with children the same way again.

The Sleep Box in Airports

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Check out this concept that’s going to be perfect for tired travelers wanting to rest their eyes or, more likely sleep, in the event of a flight cancellation. The Sleep Box, designed by Arch Group, a Russian architect firm.

The automated mini unit would be accessible via key cards purchased from a stand. Inside is a twin-size mattress, flat-panel TV, fold-down table, outlets, under-bed luggage storage, and Wi-Fi. A thin sheet covers the mattress and is automatically “rotated” upon check-out. (Think: the paper covering an examination table at a doctor’s office.)

People will be able to book anywhere from 15 minutes to a full night’s stay.

I think Munich Airport already has similar concept called NapCabs. Anyway, would you be up for it?

I think I would, better than chairs right?