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Nobu opening a new Hotel in Las Vegas

Written in the Los Angeles Times:

Caesars Palace and Nobu Hospitality announced a deal to design and build the world’s first Nobu-branded boutique hotel. The interior of the Centurion Tower at Caesars Palace will undergo a multimillion dollar renovation to create the 180-room Nobu Hotel, which will include a penthouse and 16 suites. The tower was built in 1970 and also has 180 rooms. The new hotel is at least a year away.



Cruise for the summer-Royal Caribbean


I personally have tried the Royal Caribbean cruise, it was one of my favourite trips. Even though, the trip I took was 4 years ago, I truly would like to do it again soon! Royal Caribbean is amazing because it accommodates both kids and adults. The atmosphere is both romantic and fun!

Features: ** Not all ships have same features they vary**

  • Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
  • Johnny Rockets.
  • Kids Playhouse, Freedom Class has the biggest for kids.
  • Dream Works, you have to check the time and which ship it provides Dream Works characters.
  • Ice skating ring.
  • Boxing ring. 
  • Royal Promenade – it’s Main Street U.S.A., right in the middle of the ocean.


  • Their prices are reasonable around $1500 per person.
  • Food and acomadation are fully paid for the entire trip.
  • There are certain restaurants thay you have to pay extra.
  • Transporation to and from the ship are not included.
  • Compare prices between you travel agent or online.


  • Choose your cruise route based on the ships. For example the Freedom Class is better for a trip with your kids. If you’re a couple then Voyager of the Sea is best for you.
  • Their ice cream machine is Yummy! (the one which has only vanilla and chocolate)
  • Don’t take alot of excursion (trips with group, something like a tour offshore), because sometimes you would like to explore the city alone. Alothough, I highly recommend excursion for Rome, if you are a first timer, so you can exlpore the historic side of Rome.

Royal Wedding Vaction-Seychelles

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One word would sum it all amazing!