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British Airways SALE!

British Airways sale is now on, so you can travel the world for less and see more and do more on your next holiday. With such great prices , travelling to the UK, Europe and North America is now even more rewarding. But hurry up and book before 5 October 2011 to take advantage of these great savings.

BA are offering return fares in World Traveller (economy), World Traveller Plus (premium economy), and in Club World, our business class cabin.

Travel must be between 15 September and 31 March 2012, so hurry as seats are limited, and only available to book on until 5 October 2011.

Check out this LINK for price & location details


Lady cries over an In-N-Out Burger opening

A new branch of the burger shop In N Out was opened in Frisco, Texas. Check out this lady who cries at the opening because of her great love for In N Out burgers & how she was moved by the memories that flooded back when she use to live in California.

“Is it ridiculous? Yes. Does she have any sense of perspective? Probably not. Is she dangerously imbalanced? Entirely possible. Would I join her in crying on TV if it meant I got to eat In-N-Out today? Absolutely.”

Would you get moved to tears by the experience of eating an In N Out burger?  Hehehe

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray-Dubai

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Is one of the new hotels that has recently opened in Dubai, located in the palms. Mashalla, il wa7ed mayla7eg 3ala their hotels min kitherhom oo every month 3endhom a new hotel. Il sara7a a7ayehom 3ala this advancement we hope to reach to their level of tourism one day..  I was looking for a hotel in Dubai and stumbled on this and I kinda liked it’s atmoshpere and thought to share with you.

If you have stayed in it I would love to hear your reviews.

LOL Funny Rap by a plane attendant!

LOL ya7laila iywanes! Only in Southwest airline!

Apparently he became a youtube sensation, Check out his interview with CBS

Kim Kardashian’s visit to Dubai, When & Where?

I have exciting news for all the Middle Eastern fans of Kim Kardashian! Remember our older post regarding Kim’s scheduled visit to Dubai LINK, Well its right around the corner now!


Now you guys will have the chance to meet the popular Reality TV star in person.

Image of the day: Pets are family

Location: Washington DC

6ool 3omerhom 7asbeen their pets as one of the family, Don’t push it though!

Etihad offers on-board chefs for passengers

Etihad Airways announced that by the end of this year, they will have chefs on board cooking for passengers in their Diamond First class cabins.

Etihad Airways chief executive officer James Hogan added “Our First class guests will receive the opportunity of having their personal chef tailor-make dishes based on their individual tastes and preferences.”

The chefs will also be responsible for developing menus for the airline’s flights and airport lounges.

The new chef service will be introduced on selected routes from October this year and will be available on all flights offering First class by the end of 2011.