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Keep your Hotel key to yourself please

kaid inesa 3atheeeeem, just sayin ;p


iL Pastaio Restaurant- Los Angeles

iL Pastaio is considered to be one of the celebrity hot spots in L.A. One of my friends just came back from L.A. and highly recommended this restaurant for its  yummy food and not just for its celeb hot spot:P!

400 N.Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: 310.205.5444

Diving, the old Way!

I came across these cool pictures of old divers. Lets take a trip back in time to see the evolution of the diving kit.

Long before the wet suits and sir tanks, underwater chambers like this diving bell allowed underwater exploration.

Some divers were outfitted in pretty crazy looking suits. This is a snap shot taken during the film production of Walt Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

This was taken in the US Navy Salvage School in 1955. Deep sea diving was often part of the US Navy training.

Other individuals also made a living out of deep-sea diving, although I read that insurance companies back then would not issue life or accident insurance policies to those adventurers.

It was totally different from how our great grandfathers use to dive! I mean they were the leaders in that field, no underwater chambers, no air tanks no nothing! It was all from their skills & of course hard work to master the profession in order to earn a living & provide for their families.

Embassy Suites Hotels commercial

Auer Cafe

Auer cafe is one of the famous chocolatiers in Geneva Switzerland. The cafe is divided into 2 parts. First part of the shop is a cafe where you can sit and enjoy a good latte (I LOVED THEIR COFFEE!!) with their famous desert that is already available on the table (basically you take as much as you want from the desert).

( 7ada yummy!! Wish could have them now!Shawgtkom?!)

Second part of the shop is where they serve their famous chocolates. Their known for their classic chocolate which is caramelized almonds covered in chocolate and coco powder!!! If you’re traveling you can ask them to pack it in a special way for the airplane ( ithaher mit3awdeen 3alaina oo nagltna:P )

BA offers courses in surviving plane crashes

BA is offering its frequent flyers the chance to trade in their air miles for a place on a course instructing passengers how to survive plane crashes.

Members of the British Airway’s Executive Club will be able to benefit from a four-hour session on air safety, when the scheme begins next year.

China ga3ad egooloon tara 6iyayeerna bit6ee7 :p

Anyway, Those who sign up to the courses can learn techniques to increase their chances of surviving a crash. It will cost around £125.

Andy Clubb, the BA manager running the course said: “It makes passengers safer when travelling by giving additional skills and information, it dispels all those internet theories about the ‘brace position, and it just gives people so much more confidence in flying.”


The best thing about Dubai is that its in a constant change! Everytime you visit Dubai there is something new to try! Check out this new activity which is pretty awesome!! If your afraid of  sky diving don’t because now you can have a similar experience with iFLY! Basically you sky dive in a room where strong wind flows from the ground…

Located in at Mirdif  LINK