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City guide app

City guide is a new app released by tripadvisor. The app is considered to be your guide for that city, with information about hotels, restaurants, shopping and much more! It has alot of amazing features especially the offline use of the city guide! The best part of the app is that it is user friendly!
It also gives you suggested activities to do for the day with a map, pictures of what to expect and estimate of how long it might take.



The Istanbul Edition-Istanbul

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Istanbul Edition is one of the latest additions to the hotels in Turkey! One thing I liked about the hotel was its modern interior. Its quite different from what you usually find in Istanbul because they tend to side to a more classic design reflecting the Turkish culture.

Frankies Restaurant-Dubai

For those of you who are in the mood for a bit of Italian cusine don’t miss out on this restaurant called Frankies. Also located in the walk. Everything about this restaurant is amazing don’t know from where to start!
1. The service was amazing the staff was very friendly!
2.The food was amazing loved their appetizers!
3.The atmosphere of the restaurant was also excellent and finally there was something about the name the made me interested in trying out the restaurant!

Highly recommend the burrata!

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Cottage Chic-Dubai

Thanx to my friends I recently have stumbled on a furniture shop located in the walk in Dubai. The shop’s atmosphere was what caught my attention. The shop is called Cottage Chic. So whenever your in Dubai pass by the shop its worth it!