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British Airways 2012 commercial

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Trouble in paradise: Maldives

For those who are planning to visit Maldives soon please consider the following events before you go.

For weeks Maldives soldiers clashed with police on the streets forcing the first democratic president to resign.

Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed announced his resignation in Male, Maldives, Feb. 7 following weeks of public protests over his controversial order to arrest a senior judge.

Maldives officials say no trouble for tourists, & Kuwait Foreign Affairs haven’t issued any concerns for Kuwaiti citizens visiting Maldives yet, however I still feel that a certain period of time should pass until things get settled in the area to avoid getting into any trouble or danger.

Cecconi’s Mayfair, London

My visits to London are usually this time of year, which might explain my out of control cravings for exclusively restaurants in London! My craving this week is Cecconi’s Veal Milanese!

Situated in Mayfair, Cecconi’s is a modern day classic Italian restaurant. Originating in Venice and with outposts in West Hollywood and Miami, Cecconi’s has become a critically acclaimed dining destination featuring simply prepared Venetian inspired food.

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5A Burlington Gardens, London, W1S 3EP, UK.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7434 1500

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 7am – 1am

Saturday: 8am – 1am
Sunday: 8am – 12am

Madonna! Live in Abu Dhabi

On Sun, 3rd June, 2012 Madonna will be performing exclusively at Yas Arena, Abu Dhabi, as part of her World Tour, this not to be missed concert is set to make dreams come true for thousands in the region.

Tickets will be on sale midday from Monday, 27th February at

While you’re at it, Plan your weekend at

You wont be lost anymore!

Not with !

Sleep No More

Sleep No More is the most unique theatrical  show hosted in McKittrick Hotel. Audiences can move freely as the show is on allowing them to experience the show at their own pace.

You might be familar with this is because of the show Gossip Girl, as they were allowed to film one of their episodes on the location.

For those of you who enjoy theatre this might be an interesting experience for you! If you have experienced it we would love to hear you feedback:)