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Hershey’s Spa!!!

When I knew there was a Hershey Spa I was so excited and pumped!!!! Hershey Spa! Best combination massage, relaxing and chocolate, Wohoo!

Ok enough from the excitement and let’s have some info:P

Its located in Central Pennsylvania, good news its 3 hours away from New York and 2 hours away from Washington…

They have lots of packages that you can pick from.

Take a look at the place

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Scary to them, yet funny to us

Yaaaa 7aaallaaat ilroo7 LOL ;p

Virgin Atlantic Commercial

Mat3oob 3alaiyh!!

What to do in a day in Geneva?

Last summer I had fun spending the a day in Geneva. We went there in the morning and took the last train back to cranes montana. So if your going to do the same here are some suggestions:

Make sure that your arrival time in Geneva is before 2.30 pm so you can have lunch because thats when the restaurants close usually.

For Lunch/Dinner: Entercote is a yummy choice for those of you who are meat lovers! You can never go wrong with Entercote! Another place is Roberto their food is basically YUMMY!

Cafe: Auer is one of the famous spots in Geneva. I love their coffee!

Shopping: BonGeni is department store located on Rue de Marche

Have a tour ride, its so much fun I love to ride these tricycles! You can find them near the bridge next to the fountain.

Rue de Rive: is one of the main roads in Geneva where there’s a lot of shops. Basically its a nice place to have a walk and shop 😉

The Famous Fountain: How can we forget the famous fountain take a boat ride to have a close look at the fountain.

As you can see from the pix that day the weather was just amazing it started as a sunny day and ended with a bit of rain perfect combination, or at least for me 😉