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Turtles delay flights at JFK!!

A weird incident at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Flights were delayed shortly due to 150 turtles were spotted crossing a runway.

The reptiles were trying to get to the other side of the runway to lay eggs on the sandy shores of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, which borders the airport.

The Flight delays were minor though, about 15 minutes or so.


Heathrow announces plan to reduce aircraft noise


The area affected by noise from Heathrow is expected to shrink over the next five years as the airport launches its Noise Action Plan.

The Noise Action Plan sets out how Heathrow is working with airlines to ensure that only the quietest planes use the airport. Negotiations will seek to phase out the older, noisier aircraft by 2015 and landing charges will be reviewed to ensure that airlines are rewarded financially for using quieter planes. Tougher new noise targets will be set for night flights.

Heathrow is also finding new ways to improve operational performance. The airport will also review the amount that airlines are fined if they break noise limits, with all money raised donated to local community initiatives.

For more information visit this LINK.