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Scary to them, yet funny to us

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You wont be lost anymore!

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The Nightmare of a Cancelled Flight

Don’t You hate it when you are in a Flight Rush?

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Keep your Hotel key to yourself please

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Diving, the old Way!

I came across these cool pictures of old divers. Lets take a trip back in time to see the evolution of the diving kit.

Long before the wet suits and sir tanks, underwater chambers like this diving bell allowed underwater exploration.

Some divers were outfitted in pretty crazy looking suits. This is a snap shot taken during the film production of Walt Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

This was taken in the US Navy Salvage School in 1955. Deep sea diving was often part of the US Navy training.

Other individuals also made a living out of deep-sea diving, although I read that insurance companies back then would not issue life or accident insurance policies to those adventurers.

It was totally different from how our great grandfathers use to dive! I mean they were the leaders in that field, no underwater chambers, no air tanks no nothing! It was all from their skills & of course hard work to master the profession in order to earn a living & provide for their families.

Image of the Day: Poor Ugly people

Location: New Orleans, USA

The art of attracting customers ;p