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The opening of Guliana & Bill Rancic’s Restaurant

The Restaurant became a REALITY a couple of months ago! & After the couple’s non-stop disagreement about where the location would be, they finally agreed it would be in CHICAGO!

Wondering why didn’t the E! News host name it Mama DePandi‘s after her mother—and her mom’s famous cuisine?

“As we got further into the planning for the restaurant, we realized that the name Mama DePandi’s felt more Old World Italian, and this restaurant is anything but,” says Giuliana. “We are very excited to be this close to the opening and can’t wait for Chicago to experience the delicious food that Doug has been creating for the menu.”

Don’t worry, though. Mama DePandi’s cooking will be a big part of RPM Italian.

Where did the name come from? it comes from the last initials of the partners in the venture: the Rancics, chef Doug Psaltis and the Melman siblings, R.J.Jerrod and Molly.

I Can’t wait to try Mama DePandi’s lasagna  ;p


Hershey’s Spa!!!

When I knew there was a Hershey Spa I was so excited and pumped!!!! Hershey Spa! Best combination massage, relaxing and chocolate, Wohoo!

Ok enough from the excitement and let’s have some info:P

Its located in Central Pennsylvania, good news its 3 hours away from New York and 2 hours away from Washington…

They have lots of packages that you can pick from.

Take a look at the place

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Sleep No More

Sleep No More is the most unique theatrical  show hosted in McKittrick Hotel. Audiences can move freely as the show is on allowing them to experience the show at their own pace.

You might be familar with this is because of the show Gossip Girl, as they were allowed to film one of their episodes on the location.

For those of you who enjoy theatre this might be an interesting experience for you! If you have experienced it we would love to hear you feedback:)

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is one of the islands in Hawaii, they call it magic isles. So what makes Maui special and what are the activities that could be done there?

Maui Ocean Center

Maui Pineapple Plantation Tour

Molokini Crater: just of South west Maui considered to be the best scuba spot

Whale watching

Snorkelling and Scuba diving


Other activities:

-Horseback riding
-Helicoptor tour

Beaches of Maui:
You can find different types of beaches from white sand beaches to black sand beaches.

Wailea Beach: White sand beach

Black Sand Beach: Which is basically caused by Volcano rock mixed with sand. Something new! Definitely would want to experience it once.

Biking around the Famous Hotspots in LA!

I became soooo excited when I came across this wonderful bike tour that is considered the #1 Sightseeing Tour in LA.

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If you are looking for some fun, adventure, exercise and sightseeing, this is the way to do it all rolled into one great day! Bikes and Hikes is a fantastic way to see LA up close. It’s highly entertaining to see celebrity homes and famous landmarks from a bike were you can stop and take pictures more easily.

Tours that is available at Bikes and Hikes LA:

  • Bike & Sail
  • LA in a Day
  • HollyWood Hills Hike
  • HollyWood Tour
  • Celebrity Homes
  • Custom Tour
  • Renting a Bike.

After all this is a new way to enjoy LA & you get a great workout out of it!

For more information & their contact please visit this LINK.

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea-Hawaii

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Four Season Resort is one of the best hotels located in Maui. Whether your travelling to escape your daily routine or having a family vacation Four Seasons Maui offers different services to accommodate your needs.

Some of the fun activities that caught my attention:

  • Helicopter tours
  • Horseback riding
  • Luaus
  • Scenic waterfall hikes
  • Haleakala volcano tours
  • Eco tours

They also have gold courses and amazing spa to enjoy and de-stress yourself!!

Featured Restaurants in the hotel:
-Spago created by the famous chef Wolfgang Puck
-Ferraro’s Bar for the best pizza which is recommended by travellers

Specifically for mothers:

There are specific activities for your kids LINK.

** Can’t wait to try it out, if you have please we would love to hear your personal review about it**

iNG Restaurant-Chicago

Chef Cantu is a well-known “molecular gastronomist” who uses the MIRACLE BERRIES! His restaurant is located in Chicago called iNG Restaurant.

Miracle Berries which originates in West Africa. It turns everything sour and savour into sweet!


Phone:                855-834-6464
Address:            951 W. Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607