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Tom Tom App

I recently used Tom Tom app for a road trip, which I loved very much. Main reason why I loved the app instead of using the actual device, the Ipad made it easier for us to look at the map and much more easier to navigate.

For more info on what are the technical benefits CLICK LINK .

I tried it on both the Iphone and Ipad but I recommend the Ipad because the it doesn’t consume the battery as much as much as the Iphone. So the next time your on a road trip I highly recommend TomTom app for your Ipad.

Note: the road trip was in Europe so we used TomTom Europe.


On the Fly-Travel Application

I’ve been using this application recently and enjoying it. The application lets you compare all the airlines tickets avilable in different airlines, from Qatar, Emirates and even Turkish airlines etc. 


  • User friendly interface (which is quite important for me!)
  • Allows you to customize the number of transit stops
  • Allows you to see roots that include using different airlines
  • Ability to check seat availability
  • Available on iPhone and Android

These are the features that I like about the application click to look at more detailed features.

My choice for Best Travel Application for 2011!

As much as we posted pretty cool travel applications on our blog this year, this is by far the best!

Let me introduce to you our choice for Best Travel Application in 2011! WorldMate

You have to check these Demos out to get what I’m talking about!

Give it a try, You won’t regret it!

I’ll be posting more infos & videos about the features & benefits of WorldMate, You will LOVE IT!

City guide app

City guide is a new app released by tripadvisor. The app is considered to be your guide for that city, with information about hotels, restaurants, shopping and much more! It has alot of amazing features especially the offline use of the city guide! The best part of the app is that it is user friendly!
It also gives you suggested activities to do for the day with a map, pictures of what to expect and estimate of how long it might take.


Lingo Voyager 4: Making your Travel easier…

The worst feeling in the world is when you’re in a foreign country & you don’t speak their language and DESPERATELY need directions for the nearest bathroom!!! In that specific time if a genie asked me what do you wish for, a Million Kd or a translator I would DEFINAELY wish for a third option which is ALREADY being in the bathroom. But if the translator would help get me to the bathroom faster, then hec yeaah, I’d wish for the translator.

Dedicated translators are the easiest and most comprehensive solutions for translating on the go. We like the Lingo Voyager 4, equipped with both text and audio versions in 14 languages, including French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Hebrew, and Arabic.

You can make your Travel easier for 56 kd  Lingo Voyager 4, Visit this LINK.

Electronic Portable scale for your luggage…

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Every father and husband will NEED this travel gadget!

Everyone will agree when I say that most of us girls’ have an agenda when travelling, which is to shop till we drop! We basically travel with 1 luggage and return home with 2!

Aint that right girls??

Anyho, the problem is our poor fathers and husbands go crazy on the departure day by insisting not to go overboard with the luggage weight, and once they pick the bags and feel how heavy they are they start panicing worried that they’ll have a hard time at the check in counter.

Well, that’s not going to be a problem anymore, the digital luggage scaler is my solution. Instead of trying your luck at the airport, you’ll be prepared before you go out of your hotel by using these digital (and lightweight) luggage scales to make sure you didn’t go overboard with the weight, and avoid any cheeky baggage charges.

The last thing our poor fathers & husbands need is more pressure on the day of their flight back home.

You can get it for 5.5 Kd from LINK.

FlightTrack Pro application

FlightTrack Pro provides real-time itinerary information and updates on international flight data. With over 5000 airports listed and over 1400 airlines tracked, it’s the most comprehensive flight tracking app in the world. It even has an offline mode for in-flight use.

Intrested? LINK

* For iPhone, iPads, BlackBerry & Palm.