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City guide app

City guide is a new app released by tripadvisor. The app is considered to be your guide for that city, with information about hotels, restaurants, shopping and much more! It has alot of amazing features especially the offline use of the city guide! The best part of the app is that it is user friendly!
It also gives you suggested activities to do for the day with a map, pictures of what to expect and estimate of how long it might take.



Do’s & Don’ts ATM withdrawals

Unfortunately, the rate of card fraud and skimming is increasing for the past few years. Travelers are the most people who suffer the bad consequences for being unaware of the risks. To avoid such risks, follow these precautions:

Check your surroundings. If the ATM is in a poorly lit or hidden area, use another one. It’s better to use ATM’s inside an actual bank premises with cameras around. Check if the ATM does not look weird & suspicious, like fake keyboard and card slots.

Use your body to hide the transaction so that anyone behind can’t see you entering your PIN number.

Never leave your receipt behind. Always take it with you for your records.

Prepare your card for ATM drive thru. If you’re using an ATM drive thru, be aware of your surroundings, a robber might be waiting for you to be done with your transaction and comes behind your car to reach for your money, so make it quick & don’t wait until the last minute to go through your wallet to find your card.

Suspicious about anything? Cancel your transaction and leave immediately!

With or Without Photoshop

One of my friends stumbled across this site, which I found quite interesting! They show you the picture of the hotel without any photoshop! Its called Oyster

BEWARE! Electronic Pick Pocketing


Hipmunk App

Hipmunk is another application that helps you search for the right airline for traveling! I liked that because unlike other apps this helps you visualize the times of departure and arrival which is set in a timeline!

I personally tried it out I liked it but I haven’t tried actually booking through it. I use the application to give me an idea about the schedule of airlines and their prices.

Out of curiosty though do you know why it is called Hipmunk? I’m curious!

City Pass-USA

Stumbled on this cool website called CityPass basically you buy tickets on budgets to see the most popular attractions in that destination! Very cool check out this video!

Avoid Airport Queues with the CLEAR CARD!

Do you hate standing in airport security line & waiting? Well, to speed things up there’s a Clear Card that authorizes you to skip the security line & move right away through the X-ray and metal detectors.

Sorry to say that the Clear Card is not for Kuwait. It only works in 20 airports around the United States & flashing one allows you to cruise past most of the queued up suckers.

Clear Card holders apply online, then go to an enrollment center and present two forms of government issued I.D. and submit their biometric data, which is loaded onto a card. At the airport, you walk to the Clear stand, input your card and move right through. The fee is $100 a year.

Do you think we need one in Kuwait, or for the GCC countries maybe?