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The Retreat Selous-Tanzania

Experience something different this time. Why not a safar?  The Retreat Selous is located in Tanaznia.

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-Escorted safari walks & hikes – morning or afternoon with rangers and specialist guides
-Escorted boat excursions on the Great Ruaha River – morning or afternoon
-Line fishing may be rewarded by bagging the likes of Tiger Fish and Catfish
-Special birding excursion by an expert guide
-Spa treatments
-Kids: Our experienced guides can take children on their own educational game tracking adventure helping them to draw up their own bush diary


India’s luxury trains!

Are you looking for a new experience? Check out one of the most luxurious trains in the world right in India. India is one of the exquiste places in the world!


If you feel confused on which train to pick DON’T! because while looking for this luxurious train I’ve stumble on this site, which basically describe the itenarary, interior and route of the trains avilable in India. Seriously, this is one trip I really woud like to take, however a7es yabeelha yam3a!

However, I’ve never tried out this site so I probably would recommend you to use this site and read about the trains available but make the actual booking with a local travel agent to avoid any fraud. If you tried out this site please give us your feedback please.

PS. The picture of the train is called the Golden Chariot

For all those who are Camp Lovers!

Amazing what you can do with an FJ Cruiser. I think for all of you who are camp lovers, you’ll enjoy this!