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World’s Strangest Cinema Snacks

I was in the chalet with my family this weekend enjoying the cold weather at last & gathering around “il Dowa, winagnig ib hal Kastan”. Of course gatherings brings up all kind of talks & gossips. But what I’m going to share with you is a very strange thing my brother told us about.

One of his acquaintances happens to be from Korea who works in Kuwait. He saw how Kuwaitis love the chestnuts (Kastan) in winter and told my brother that when South Koreans go to the cinema to watch a movie, they actually serve chestnuts instead of popcorn. Roasted, dried, and then put in a sealed foil bag to eat while watching the movie.

I found it so strange, but guess what’s even stranger? The Japanese snack for the cinema is fish skeletons baked in soy and sugar, a crunchy snack known as iwashi sembei that has Japan’s notorious sweet-savory umami flavor. Esta’3far allah, allah eyzeed ilni3ma bs fish skeleton? Laiiissh??

Moving on from not so yummy snacks to luxuries expensive snacks. Russia’s love of the good life extends even to their snacks at the movies, the top notch amenities in Russia now include caviar, served in lavish doses to those who pay for seats in the new VIP areas of local cinemas.

Ana agool 5aloona 3al Caramel popcorn, cheese nachos & hot dogs a7san 🙂